What is Search Engine Optimization SEO and SEA ?

What is Search Engine Optimization SEO and SEA ?

Published 3 years ago

This first article on Light Studio will be covering the bases; we’ll be explaining the workings of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).It’s important to differentiate Search Engine Optimization from Search Engine Advertising (SEA).

SEA is similar to advertising; we put more money into it in order to promote our website and give it a higher ranking on google results. This can be executed with the help of Google Adwords and functions on the concept of Pay per Click (PPC). This means that you are charged after each individual click on your ad. The SEA can broaden your visibility at a reasonably low cost. On the other hand, there are some down sides to Search Engine Advertising, there will be written “Ad” on the side of evrey of the paid result displayed in search engine result which can discourage certain people from clicking on it. Furthermore, advertisement blockers such as Adblock render these results invisible to its users.

Let’s take a closer look at SEO: it constitutes in a set of operations executed to increase the ranking and visibility of a website. In today’s world, it’s paramount to take into consideration these constraints in order to succeed in taking on the competition especially if those competitors are using SEO strategies as well. There are numerous factors that compose the algorithms that Google and other search engines use. They are frequently updated and concealed from the public. This secrecy is put in place to discourage people from altering and manipulating the algorithms. We can still get a pretty good idea of the practices that need to be put in place thanks to the testing and analysis of results, this process can largely be aided by tools like Google Analytics. There are also many blogs and websites that go into detail on the subject and list many methods of optimization accompanied by excellent reports in support of these methods. The most well known would have to be Moz.com.

Personally, I like to divide SEO actions into 3 categories.


  • Content

The creation of articles and interesting content that will attract web surfers to your site. In addition to encouraging new users to discover your company, this will also invite them to click and explore the entirety of your website and the services or products you have on offer. Adding content will also assure your users of your own competences and knowledge in your domain. Keep in mind that it is important to choose subjects in function of the searches employed by the users in order to optimize your articles visibility. Content must be updated regularly, it must be unique, and it must provide its sources when it references external links. This technique is easy to apply the moment that your site has a functioning blog, however, it is a time-consuming practice that requires an in-depth knowledge of the subjects discussed. The method, nonetheless, is generally effective and is also the starting point for the next category.


  • Promotion

It is evidently important to share your articles on social media. This will automatically increase their viewing. There is, on the other hand, a promotion technique way more effective called Link Building. The base of this consists of increasing the number of links from other web pages that connect to your website, otherwise known as Backlinks. A multitude of strategies exists to constitute a collection of quality Backlinks. I will further discuss this topic in an article to come. Like the content, this method demands time investment and effort for the obtening good results.


  • Technical Aspect

This consists of optimizing the code of your website in order to make it easier to crawl for search engines robots and to improve its visual aspect to make it more attractive to your visitors and lengthen the amount of time they spend browsing your website. The technical aspect is probably the most complex one to put in place because it necessitates certain proficiency in programing and web design. Its effect is an indirect one and serves mainly as the good function for the other categories. Once these modifications are well performed, it’s no longer necessary to modify them again, contrary to the content and the promotion which require continuous effort and input.


The optimization of a website can seem complex and difficult for a beginner so keep in mind that you need to take the time to acquire the necessary knowledge on the subject at hand and study the different strategies while following and consequently reacting to the results of your referencing tool in order to ensure that you're headed in the right direction. Learning the ins and outs of referencing is a long process that can take many months. It is, however, essential tohave an optimized website to stand apart from your competitors! For this reason, calling on professionals in this field is in alternative that you should take into consideration. This can seem a costly alternative at first, but the return on this investment can be 3 to 5 time superior.
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